Hello World. Not very often you get one of these from me but brace yourselves for a serious post! As everyone is well aware (Unless you happen to live in a media free environment, on the moon or are just absolutely oblivious to what’s happening beyond your front door!) the crisis in Japan following the devastating Earthquake and the consequent Tsunami has continued to get worse. With Thousands either missing or dead and with the rest of the immediate population living with short supply of food, fresh water and without electricity. They have lost homes and loved ones!

Now with the raised threat of a nuclear nightmare the people of Japan really need help. Everyone is talking about how bad the situation is but how many have actually acted on their words? I am therefore writing this post to ask you, the readers to donate anything you can to Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund (Global Giving). You can do this by clicking on the picture at the bottom of this post or the highlighted link above and simply putting the amount you wish to donate in the box. Every little helps!

Thank you for your time and hopefully your donations.



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