A Loss Of Innocence?

Hello World, may I say you’re looking really good today! Welcome to another post from yours truly, and thank you for joining me. Today’s rant may come across as the first signs of old age setting in, but as you continue to read I’m confident that the majority of you will begin to agree with some if not all of my ramblings. So with a deep breath, a sip of the coffee and a hint of nostalgia I shall begin.

Now is it just me or is it that the youth of today has completely lost it’s innocence? I mean just take a look around you when you’re walking the streets (I’m not suggesting any of you are homeless!) You see that girl there passing by? She looks like she’s been around a bit right? The bags under the heavily made up eyes? The short skirt and the Ugg boots? The leg warmers and the tutus? The strange orange tint to her skin tone? I see you nodding your head… Now look again… more than likely she’s not turned 16 yet! Now I don’t want this post to get too heavy, my opening gambit is simply to illustrate the modern day loss of innocence. Young girls (more so than boys,) are dressing and acting a lot older than their years, image has replaced personality in a big way. Take for instance the groups of young teenage girls you see walking around the town centre on a weekend, all clones of each other, same hair, same clothes, same make up, same class orange ‘Piz Buin’ UK tans. It would seem that standing out from the crowd does not compute for youth these days, it seems that you must conform to a certain look! Is it this clone mentality that see’s the amount of employees at McDonald’s increase? I think it’s a certain idea that trying to look older will somehow benefit you in some way, but to what extent? I mean you still can’t legally have booze until you’re 18 and when you’re on a night out the bar staff and bouncers are supposed to ‘Challenge 21’ (which doesn’t ever really happen!) It was easy enough to get your hands on a bit of booze from somewhere when you was a kid when I was growing up, but to be honest not one kid could admit that they enjoyed the taste of beer back then. If anything it made you want to wait until you was a bit older in hope that your body would suddenly develop taste buds that would make beer taste like Robinson’s fruit barley! (It never happened!) Back then it felt like an achievement if you got into a nightclub when you were 16, and made you thoroughly enjoy spending the tenner your Mum and Dad gave you for getting a cinema ticket and getting sweets for the sleep over at your mates! Now the youth of today have under 18 nights at nightclubs, where because of age restraints on selling alcohol to under-agers, the £10 you’d get pissed on when going out under age back in the day, can now convert into two bottle of Pepsi and an orange cordial! What I’m trying to say is that when I was a kid I was looking forward to getting older so that I could experience nights out and nightclubs, where as now kids have had the experience of a nightclub before they’re 18 (just minus the booze and the girls throwing up in the corner!)

I suppose all of this loss of innocence isn’t so much of a surprise when you look at the way media has affected kids lives these days! With programmes such as ’16 and Pregnant’, ‘The Sex Education Show’ and the like, magazine articles on everything from ‘What you should be doing with your life’, ‘What you should wear’, ‘What you should eat’, to ‘Who’s hot and who’s not!’ Children are actively being encouraged to grow up swiftish and choose role models that struggle enough with their own lives that evidently they don’t have time to look after themselves!

Anyway I’m loosing my track of thought now, and to be fair it just sounds like I’m being a grumpy old man! But anyone with children or and children that happen to read this pitiful article, my point is don’t grow up/let them grow up too quickly… enjoy childhood for what it is, a truly fun time! Growing up will wait for you!!! With that almost poetic final flourish I’m off that perhaps I’ve changed a few lives… and ‘Shagging at 13, Pregnant, Anorexic & Famous’ is on in Ten minutes… Just kidding!

Much Love



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